Spetra Braid

Spetra is one of the world’s best fiber brand for hair products for
women and gives beautiful hair styles. Being safe and clean, it is
responsible to the health of wearers all over the world.

Spetra provides a suitable fiber to fit all the hair styles including hair weaving, crochet, hair accessories and braid.
We are proud of it, cause Spetra uses beautiful, healthy and safe material as well as eco-friendly recyclable material for the environmental safeness of earth.

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Antibacterial Mechanism
Spetra Antibacterial Fiber is a core / sheath type hair fiber wihich is structured with a sheath component which contains antibacterial microparticles of a natural Zinc sulfide harmless to the sheath structure itself, nor the human body.
It is the world’s first environment-friendly antibacterial and antifungal hair fiber that has semi-permanent effects.

Metals such as Gold(AU), Sliver(AG), Copper(Cu), and Zinc(Zn) contain ions that destroy cell membranes of many bacteria. Even tiny amounts of metallic ions can be catastrophic for bacteria; when absorbed onto the ions, the protein chains that form their cell walls break, which prevent their metabolic and physiological functions, and eventually killing the bacteria.

  • Uses the harmless, non-toxic, and natural Zinc Sulfide microparticles
  • Patented technology of Semi-permanent, strong antibacterial and antifungal effects
  • Obtained antibiotics certification of FITI test institute, a nationally recognized institution
  • Proven effectiveness through the world’s first clinical trial on human scalp
  • Does not absorb sweat, but rather dries it out quickly to maintain comfortable fit
  • The lightest wig fiber ever, with a weight of 0.92(Human hair about 1.2).